Corporate Responsibility
Motorola Mobility


We design technology that puts people at the center of it all. We’re making the devices that do more, so people can do more.  Motorola Mobility is committed to ensuring that anyone who wants to use our products can do so. Our designers work hard to innovate and meet the needs of all of our users - whatever their abilities.

Meeting Everyone’s Needs

We don’t design these products in a vacuum. To understand customers’ needs, we talk to disability advocacy groups, standards agencies and research organizations.  We also work closely with manufacturers of assistive devices for people with accessibility needs, so that their technology is compatible with our products. 

DROID™ by Motorola – the latest in accessibility

The Android operating platform is expanding communications frontiers for people with disabilities. The DROID™ by Motorola family of products (names vary outside the U.S.), for example, not only boast cutting edge design but also embeds many accessibility features.

For more information about our DROID family of products.

Access Features in Focus

So what accessibility features do we offer people who need them? Some are highlighted here, by need, and you can read more on our Accessible Mobile Devices page or by browsing the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) database for each device


  • CrystalTalk™, a mobile device technology that compensates for background noise
  • Telecoil speaker for hearing aid wearers
  • Speakerphone
  • VibraCall® Alert 
  • Text Messaging
  • Support for video chat


  • Google Talkback screen reader service
  • Verbal readouts of screen information, including caller ID, voicemail alerts, and battery level
  • Keypad depression feedback (haptics for touchscreen)
  • Screen Magnification
  • Brightly backlight displays and high contrast
  • Voice Dialing


  • Predictive Text Entry
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Auto redial when system is busy (carrier dependent)
  • Voice Commands
  • Voice Typing


  • Customizable home screens
  • Picture caller ID
  • Time-independent user responses
  • Customized ringer alerts to identify incoming callers