Corporate Responsibility
Motorola Mobility

Accessible Mobile Devices

Everyone’s needs are different. To offer the best experience we can, we provide a wide range of product features to meet specific types and degrees of abilities for people with hearing, speech or vision loss, and limited dexterity or mobility needs.  To help our customers choose the best device for them we have joined the industry-wide Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) project that makes comparisons quick and easy. 

Informing Consumers

Got phone? Check. Understanding accessibility features can be bewildering. Our call center employees are trained to discuss access issues for all our mobile devices with customers, and a special task force helps with inquiries.  Contact us 


The Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) project is run by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum. This is an international association of telecommunications equipment manufacturers with an interest in mobile or wireless communications. The GARI website - - provides general information on features that users with disabilities may want to consider in searching for a phone to meet their particular needs. It also hosts a global accessibility features database where consumers can compare product information provided by leading manufacturers and apps for accessibility.

To view the accessibility features of our mobile devices, go to the GARI database:

  • Select “Phones” or “Tablets”
  • Select “Motorola Mobility” under the Manufacturer field.
  • Select “Lookup Devices” to see a list of our mobile devices.
  • Select the mobile device’s picture or the “View Details” link for the device you wish to view.

*All Motorola products and features may not be represented on these websites or available in all countries due to the different wireless technologies in use around the world. For more information on a particular product not listed on this site, please contact your local Motorola call center