Corporate Responsibility
Motorola Mobility

Wireless Communications and Health

Wireless devices send and receive information using radio-frequency (RF) energy transmitted as waves through the air.

Research into the effects of RF energy stretches back more than 60 years. Numerous expert panels and government organizations around the world conducting ongoing reviews of the science have consistently concluded that RF products that meet internationally recognized safety standards for exposure to radio waves pose no established health risk.

All our products comply with international safety guidelines for RF energy exposure as well as national standards where applicable. The type of RF measurement under these requirements is called specific absorption rate (SAR). The guidelines and standards set SAR levels that provide a wide margin of protection for users and the general public. We publish SAR values for all mobile phones.

Mobile phones and children

Studies and polls show that many parents feel more secure knowing their children have mobile phones, but some have questioned whether health risks may exist.

The WHO, the Health Council of the Netherlands, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Ireland Expert Group on Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields and others in the scientific community have stated there is no health-related reason or scientific justification to limit the use of mobile phones by children.

Our products adhere to internationally recognized, science-based guidelines that take into account the welfare of all members of the population, including children.