Corporate Responsibility
Motorola Mobility


Motorola Mobility has funded global independent research on the safety of radio-frequency (RF) energy in many countries, directly and through our trade associations. The substantial body of scientific knowledge in this area continues to grow.

The state of the research regarding RF energy and health is reviewed on an ongoing basis by expert health agencies around the world, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Occasionally, a study may produce results that are inconsistent with previous research. In such a case, the authorities look to determine whether the findings warrant further research to determine their validity and significance. Under the scientific process, no single study can answer any scientific question, and no study should be viewed in isolation. Public health assessments like those conducted by WHO depend on comprehensive evaluations that consider all relevant research. After all the reviews to date, these experts have continued to reach a common conclusion: RF exposure within established guidelines poses no known health risk.


The mobile telecommunications industry, through the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (an association), provides a comprehensive and up to date summary of the ongoing research on RF health issues on its website.