Corporate Responsibility
Motorola Mobility


We have a dual strategy toward waste management. We seek both to reduce the overall amount of waste we generate at our manufacturing facilities and office buildings and to increase the amount of waste we recycle.

We have set a 2016 goal to reduce hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated across all our sites normalized to floor space by 10 percent from 2011 levels.

We are also working hard to maintain the amount of nonhazardous waste we recycle. We recycled 80.5 percent of the non-hazardous waste generated across our global sites, meeting our 2012 goal of an 80 percent recycling rate.  We strive to maintain this progress in 2013.

In 2012, Motorola Mobility produced an estimated global total of 11,915 tonnes of waste. Of this, 248 tonnes were hazardous waste and 11,667 tonnes were non-hazardous.  

Ongoing Goals

  • By 2016 we aim to reduce total waste (hazardous and non-hazardous) normalized to floor space by 10 percent, from 2011 levels
  • Maintain a recycling rate of 80 percent

Total Waste (tonnes)




Year over year change

Non-hazardous waste*



7 percent decrease

Hazardous waste



80 percent increase***

Total waste



6 percent decrease

Total waste normalized by floor space (tonnes/1,000ft2)




3 percent decrease

*Non hazardous waste data is based on 70percent of Motorola Mobility’s floor space. The total waste figure is scaled to 100 percent.

** Waste figures for 2011 were updated to correct data reporting errors made at one of our manufacturing facility in China. 

*** The increase in hazardous waste was due to a reclassification of waste to be handled as a hazardous waste for our manufacturing facility in Taiwan.