Corporate Responsibility
Motorola Mobility


We take a holistic approach to packaging development involving cross-functional collaboration between our teams. The principle of “Reduce - Reuse – Recycle” drives our packaging innovation, as well as compliance initiatives.


Motorola Mobility’s Global Packaging team works hand in hand with our carrier partners to reduce the weight and volume of our retail packaging while expanding the use of recycled materials. Wherever possible, we design and engineer our product packaging with “minimizing environmental impact” as an integral part of our design brief.   Motorola Mobility supports the CTIA Green Packaging guidelines.  Examples of current packaging initiatives include:

  • Use of FSC certified paper
  • Use of water-based adhesives
  • Use of 100 percent recycled content pulp packaging parts, replacing plastic parts
  • Use of soy/vegetable based inks as well as zero VOC UV inks
  • Program-to-program reduction initiatives
  • Increasing packaging density per pallet


P893 UNIVERSAL PORTABLE POWER PACK with and without wall charger: During 2012 we made the P893 Universal Portable Power Pack available without a wall charger. This allowed a significant reduction in the packaging size required, increasing further the environmental gains made by making chargers optional (see photograph). The product, packaged without a wall charger, is listed as an ‘ECO Product’ by AT&T.


                                        Charger in Box                            No Charger in Box 

MOTOROLA XOOM WI-FI TO MOTOROLA XOOM 2: By engineering and testing various materials and their impact strengths, we were able to reduce the amount of internal support needed to protect the Motorola XOOM 2 and therefore, reduce the size of the consumer packaging by more than 22 percent on a device that had a larger surface area than the previous generation.

  • 22 percent packaging volume reduction
  • Unit boxes per pallet increased from 240 to 360
  • 28 percent reduction of packaging material (includes internal pulp and external board)

DROID BIONIC TO DROID RAZR: Our work to launch the DROID RAZR portfolio within Verizon’s new packaging requirements achieved an 11 percent volume reduction over the previous premium packaging program launch. The new packaging is the smallest premium package in the Verizon portfolio to date.

MOTOROLA ROADSTER TO MOTOROLA ROADSTER 2: By redesigning the structural layout and configuration of the packaging, we were able to achieve a 21 percent reduction in packaging cubic volume and slight increase in pallet count from our first Motorola Roadster to Motorola Roadster 2.