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How to Recycle Motorola Products

Mobile devices and accessories

Our take-back programs accept any mobile device or accessory (not only Motorola products). Some devices are refurbished for reuse and then sent to developing countries where they are sold at a low price, helping to boost access to communications.

The success of our mobile device reuse and recycling program directly hinges on consumer participation. For this reason, we work to increase the number of people who recycle their mobile devices and accessories by:

  • Enclosing millions of prepaid return envelopes with new products
  • Providing prepaid postage labels on our website
  • Encouraging recycling through charity take-back programs
  • Holding electronics collection events at our facilities for employees and local communities
  • Offering periodic incentives such as product discounts
  • Participating with governments and other companies in take-back events and promotions
  • Placing collection containers in our service centers
  • Partnering with industry and communities in programs such as Mobile Muster in Australia, Green Box in China, Plug in to eCycling in the U.S. and Recycle My Cell in Canada

We feature a crossed out wheeled bin symbol on our products and documentation. This symbol informs users that a product must be disposed of in accordance with the European Union WEEE Directive.

Select a location from the list below for more information on initiatives for mobile devices or other products around the world:


In the U.S., consumers can mail lithium ion and nickel metal hydride batteries to us for recycling.

In Germany, we are a member of Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem Batterien (GRS) foundation, an organization that collects, recycles and disposes of portable batteries. The foundation is financed by contributions from manufacturers and importers of electronic equipment.

Read more about our battery take-back programs.


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