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Motorola Mobility

Recycling in Morocco

Motorola is a strong proponent and supporter of global environmental sustainability and recycling programs. On our own and in partnership with our carriers, customers, retailers and recyclers, we operate takeback programs across the globe.

Recycling mobile phones and other consumer equipment

If you bought the equipment from a retailer, please contact them in the first instance to discuss arrangements for takeback.

For mobile phones, you can contact the network operator who supplied it and they should take it back.

If you prefer, your local household waste amenity point can also accept waste electrical equipment.

Alternatively, please visit the FAQ area of our consumer web site at for more information.

Recycling business equipment

You should have received details on the process for dealing with waste electrical and electronic equipment from your Motorola sales channel. If you are not sure of the process, complete the Business Equipment Takeback Enquiry Form and a Motorola representative will respond as soon as possible.

For more information about recycling in Morocco, write:

Morocco Ministry of Territorial Development, Environment, Urban Planning and Habitat
36, Avenue Al Abtal
Rabat, Morocco