Corporate Responsibility
Motorola Mobility

Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct describes the ethical values we require from our employees and our Business Partners. It sets forth what we stand for and what we prohibit as a company. It also identifies policies and resources to help employees live up to these expectations.

Failure to comply with the Code can lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal from the Company and, where appropriate, referral to law enforcement. In summary, the Code requires all employees to:

  • Do the right thing all of the time
  • Deliver on our promises with the highest degree of quality, excellence and integrity
  • Protect our confidential or proprietary information and that of our customers and business partners
  • Respect our individual differences and the quality of ideas and innovation that result from these differences
  • Build and sustain our brand, our reputation and the trust of those who work for and partner with us
  • Accurately represent Company records, not conceal, falsify or destroy documents in violation of our  record retention policies
  • Compete aggressively but fairly and with integrity
  • Avoid conflicts of interest between personal interests and our Company
  • Report business conduct concerns immediately as proscribed by applicable local law, and not retaliate against anyone who speaks up
  • Obtain and conduct business legally and ethically, without accepting, promising or giving bribes or kickback


Our ethics training and awareness programs promote understanding of our business conduct requirements among employees and our Business Partners.  We continue to provide our employees with innovative tools and a stream of information to keep ethics at the forefront of our business.


Motorola Mobility’s EthicsLine offers employees, our Business Partners and other stakeholders an avenue to report any suspected ethical concerns to our Office of Ethics and Compliance. Staffed by EthicsPoint, an outside vendor, this 24-hour toll-free and web reporting service is translatable into 180 languages.  EthicsPoint is also available to our employees via an app which puts the ability to report concerns or ask questions at their finger tips.

We investigate all allegations of ethical misconduct and take corrective action when claims are substantiated. This can include disciplinary action and termination.

Concerns can be logged at

Or by calling, toll free:
In the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico: call +1 866 839 5946
Outside the U.S. and Canada: visit for dialing instructions from your country.

Or by writing to:

Office of Ethics and Compliance
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite1800
Chicago, IL 60654