Corporate Responsibility
Motorola Mobility

CR Business Principles

We create products that advance the way the world connects. We are guided by our Code of Business Conduct, which is based on our value of doing the right thing all the time. These principles guide our actions:

Innovative products, customer delight and quality

We create innovative products and solutions with quality and performance that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

Ethics and transparency

We operate with transparency and according to high standards of ethics and law in directing and managing the Company for all stakeholders.

Environmental quality

We foster sustainable use of the earth's resources in our products and operations, and we strive to design environmentally conscious products.

Diversity and inclusion

We create an engaged workforce that can contribute its full potential in an inclusive work environment.

Safe and healthy workforce

In cooperation with our employees, we work to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and support employees' work-life balance.

Economic opportunities and growth

We work to create wealth, economic opportunities and growth in regions where we do business, through our products, services, relationships and operations.

Supplier relationships

We set expectations for our suppliers and work with them to conduct their operations in compliance with applicable laws and accepted standards of fairness and human decency. We create a diverse supplier base.

Community support

We support educational, environmental and social needs in the communities where we operate.

Shareholder value

We strive to achieve strong financial results and long-term success through sustained profitable growth, technological innovation and market leadership.