Corporate Responsibility
Motorola Mobility

Corporate Responsibility Policy

Motorola Mobility’s Corporate Responsibility Business Principles govern our business practices globally.

This policy represents a statement of our commitment to Corporate Responsibility that is based on and consistent with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition® (EICC®) Code of Conduct, which establishes standards applicable to the lifecycle of the products and services we make, brand, buy or sell (direct or indirect) from design to manufacturing, distribution and end-of-life management. These standards are designed to ensure that working conditions are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically.

We enforce these commitments through our Code of Business Conduct, Environment, Health & Safety Policy, and Human Rights Policy, which are applicable to all our employees and operations, and our Supplier Code of Conduct, which our business partners (including suppliers) are directed to comply with.

Our commitments include:

  • Meeting or exceeding requirements for responsibility set out in the EICC Code of Conduct.
  • Complying with applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements related to our operations and products.
  • Requiring business partners to operate under Motorola Mobility's Supplier Code of Conduct and to communicate these requirements to their business partners.
  • Continuously evaluating and improving CR performance.