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Materials Disclosure Process

We require our suppliers to disclose banned, controlled and reportable substances as well as recycled material content for each part supplied to Motorola Mobility. We do this to fully understand and track the material content of our products, so we can control and improve the environmental profile of our products.

We have taken a proactive approach and compiled a significant list of substances or substance groups targeted for exclusion, reduction or reporting during the design and manufacture of our products. The list is divided into three sections:

  • Banned substances are not allowed for use in any Motorola product at any level
  • Controlled substances are limited for use in manufacturing processes or certain product applications. The use limitations are typically defined by national or international environmental regulations
  • Reportable substances are not currently banned or controlled for use, but we have identified the need to understand their use as part of our environmentally conscious design process or for end-of-life management

Our reporting requirements help us to comply with current laws, assess the impacts of future requirements and identify better alternatives to hazardous substances in our products. Learn more about key legislation.

Compliance with our Controlled and Reportable Material Disclosure Specification (W18) is required to qualify parts supplied to Motorola Mobility.

Motorola Mobility’s Material Disclosure Policy

  • Controlled and reportable materials disclosure revision B: The W18 specification sets forth our materials disclosure requirements and acceptance criteria for items and materials used in the manufacture and delivery of products to our customers. A list of substances that we have targeted for exclusion, reduction or reporting is included in Appendix A. We define acceptance criteria in Appendix C.
  • W18 and materials reporting information in Simplified Chinese: In addition to English, the W18 specifications and training presentations are available in Simplified Chinese

Material Disclosure for Motorola Mobility

  • Additional resources and training: To help suppliers comply with the W18 specification, we provide additional resources and training.
  • Methods of Reporting Material Declaration:
    • Suppliers can submit Material Declaration via any method that meets the IPC 1752A format, but we recommend the Motorola Mobility IPC Creator©, revision B. Note: This replaces the previously used Compliance Connect™ and IPC 1752-1 Reporting Form.
    • Alternatively, if Material Declaration is to be provided for a Class A non-homogeneous material, we recommend the use of the Motorola Mobility Scriba Tool, revision B

Where to submit W18 files:

  • To streamline the W18 approval process, Motorola Mobility requires Material Declaration files to be submitted as XML files to the mailbox
  • Detailed information is available in our Supplier Training Material for understanding the Material Declaration process

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