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Resources and Training

We require full disclosure from suppliers on materials and substances of concern, in accordance with the W18 Controlled and Reportable Materials Disclosure Specification.

We provide resources and training to assist our suppliers, including these tools:

  • Motorola Green Purchasing: W18 and IPC Creator Introduction and Training revision B. A PowerPoint presentation which provides a basic understanding of Compliance as well as an overview of preparing Material Declaration reports
  • Motorola Mobility WPA Training Material. Note that translations into Chinese are embedded into the documentation to assist in understanding.
    The material includes the following:
    - Understanding the New Request Process
    - Submitting Material Declarations
    - Using the Motorola Mobility IPC Creator
    - Using the Motorola Mobility Scriba Tool
  • Material Declaration Examples. Shows users how to create a proper Material Declaration file for different types of Materials
  • Motorola Mobility CAS Number Lookup Tool revision B.  Allows users to search for CAS Numbers or Substances and view the related Substance Category. This tool assists in understanding when exemptions must be applied
  • MISC IP Form  (to be used when a supplier cannot report a substance comprising over 10 percent of a material due to intellectual property concerns)

Supplier questions?

Always check the Motorola Mobility WPA Training Material for processes to follow

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  • Detailed information is available in our Supplier Training Material for understanding the Material Declaration process

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